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About Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is a multimedia presentation on the Baha’i Faith by Zabine Van Ness and Miles Lane. Currently available in English and Spanish, with more languages on the way!

Slideshow-w-capsHeart to Heart consists of 18 slideshows or “tracks”. Together, these cover more than 700 important and frequently asked questions. The answers, taken directly from Baha’i scriptures and other authoritative texts, are beautifully showcased with relevant and engaging artwork. A graphical, easy-to-navigate interface, combined with search capability, makes it a joy to use.


Choosing Your Version

For each language, the Heart to Heart online experience is available in two flavors, which we might call the “Full Page” view and the “Full Context” view. Each has its pros and cons. You are invited to test-drive both, learning which one best suits your preference and purpose, as well as your computer platform.

Both versions embody three elements: (1) the slideshow itself, (2) a searchable Outline of Contents, and (3) a Slideshow Gallery consisting of a thumbnail menu for easily navigating the outline.

H2H-Cover-MediumThe Full Page view (shown at left) displays each of these elements using the full width and height of your computer screen’s viewing area. It’s fast and easy to switch among the outline, the gallery, and the slideshow itself. You see each of these elements one at a time, with maximum detail and clarity. Please click here (or on the picture at left) to enter Full Page view in English.

Full-context-tinyThe alternative Full Context view (shown at right) displays all three elements at the same time — the outline, the gallery, and the slideshow itself. Although text and images are smaller, they remain easily visible on any computer screen with a sufficiently large viewing area. Seeing everything together creates an overview that beautifully showcases the breadth and depth of Heart to Heart. Please click here (or on the picture at right) to enter Full Context view in English.

Which is better? For smaller screens and slower web connections, we recommend Full Page view. This also provides a sharp focus on content with minimal distractions. For larger screens and faster connections, Full Context view may be more than adequate. It provides an instant overview and faster navigation. If your hardware allows, you may even wish to open each view in its own window and switch between them at will.

Heart to Heart is available in English and Spanish, with more languages on the way. Please visit the English edition of Heart to Heart here and the Spanish version here.

About the Authors

Zabine Van Ness

Zee-HawaiiZabine Maryam Van Ness, although born in Germany, became a Bahá’í in 1969 in Hawaii. She has traveled around the world several times sharing the Bahá’í message. Sometime around 1989 an idea came to her that harmony between the races, cultures and souls could only be shared from heart to heart. She realized that each concept and thought should be presented in a colorful and engaging way to lovingly encourage transformation. In one sense, we are all similar as human citizens and as keepers of our planet. But, on the other hand, our personal lives are often complicated and challenging. We search for meaning and purpose, and strive to build rewarding relationships around us. Forty years of daily study, travel, and sharing the message of the Bahá’í Faith has inspired her to compile this wonderful publication in the hope of assisting all who are searching for fulfillment in their lives.


Miles Lane

MilesMiles Lane first encountered the Bahá’í Faith at the age of sixteen, when he was told that his concerns, ideals and beliefs were just like those of a Bahá’í. In 1979, he encountered his first Bahá’í book in a library. After a week of study and reflection, he called the Bahá’ís in his town and began studying in earnest and his life began to blossom. From humble beginnings, he has found himself working repeatedly at the cutting edge of technological development. After volunteering for several years on open source software projects (Linux, etc.), he devoted three years of volunteer effort to bringing Heart to Heart to fruition. His technical expertise, years of spiritual exploration, and artistic design sensibility provided the needed skills and understanding to transform the concept of Heart To Heart into a finished and easy-to-use publication.


About the Webmaster

Gary Matthews

GaryGary Matthews, journalist and publisher, is a second-generation Baha’i with a lifelong passion for interfaith discourse. As Heart to Heart’s contributing editor, he furnished research and text outlines for two tracks (“Christ and Baha’u’llah” and “Authenticity of the Bible”); developed several usability tools (including a compact outline-of-contents booklet and “zoom-in” keystroke shortcuts for the PDF version); and helped with proofreading, peer review, and source-checking. Gary is the author of several books including The Challenge of Baha’u’llah and He Cometh with Clouds. He and his wife, Cheri, are co-founders of Stonehaven Press and live in Knoxville, Tennessee.

This website gratefully acknowledges the hard work of Stephen Scotti, who developed the illuminating three-part interface we are calling the “Full Context View”. Stephen is the webmaster for the Virginia Peninsula Baha’i Cluster. Click here to visit his “Explore Baha’i Topics” web page.

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