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Offline / low-res

In addition to its normal “high-definition” mode, Heart to Heart is available in several lower-resolution flavors. These are ideal for any device with a slow Internet connection — or for situations where you know, in advance, that you will need to use the slideshow offline (with no Internet connection at all).


For Slow Connections

In “low-bandwidth” mode, Heart to Heart uses somewhat lower-resolution graphic images to load slides more rapidly.

1. For the English low-bandwidth page, click HERE.

2. For the Spanish low-bandwidth page, click HERE.


For Offline Use

If you need to use the Heart to Heart slideshow without an Internet connection, you can do this by “preloading” the slides. You must, of course, have an Internet connection to preload; but once done, you can display slides without a connection. This is useful in many situations — for instance, if you plan to display slides using a multimedia projector in a facility lacking wifi.

You can preload either the “Full Page View” or the “Full Context View”. (For a comparison of these views, click here.) Choose from the menu below, then wait until the chosen page finishes loading. (This may take several minutes on a slow downlink.) You will know when loading is complete by watching your browser’s load indicator.

1. To preload the English Full Page View, click HERE.

2. To preload the English Full Context View, click HERE.

3. To preload the Spanish Full Page View, click HERE.

4. To Preload the Spanish Full Context View, click HERE.

Please note that this works because the slides are stored in your browser’s cache memory. If you close the page or overflow the cache with other downloads, you are likely to lose the stored pages and may need to repeat the preloading process.

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