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To proceed, simply click the link below and save the resulting ZIP file to a folder of your choice. The compressed file contains the Heart to Heart PDF file, as well as documentation and a navigation guide.

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Heart to Heart PDF & documentation

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  1. selvadurai

    Very useful to teach Hindus.

    1. Gary Matthews

      Thank you, Selvadurai!

  2. Zabine Van Ness

    I am glad you liked the Hindu conversation. I compiled it sometime ago as we have a lot of Viaitors from India near our Bahai Center in Bellevue. Many work at Microsoft and visit our Bahai History Museum. It soon became evident that we needed to make our conversations more befitting and distinctive. Always appreciate some feedback.

  3. Susan Spadafore

    Thank you! What a fabulous tool to both deepen and teach. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

  4. Zabine Van Ness

    I am glad you enjoy it Susan….we are constantly trying to improve your teaching and deepening experience.
    Feel free to as any questions you might have in answering them, I am regularly on Skype at. Zabine123
    Or you can call me at. 206-363-0443. Or.

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