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Chinese Religions

This page under construction — please check back soon!

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  1. David LaBolle

    I am pioneering in Taiwan where I have been for most of the past 24 years. Please let me know when you finish the slideshow on Chinese religions and the Bahai Faith.

    Perhaps we could translate it into Chinese as well.

  2. Gary Matthews

    Dear David,

    Zabine Van Ness, the author of Heart to Heart, is working on the “Chinese Religions” page. Please stay tuned — and thanks for your patience.

    And yes, we would love to have the project translated into Chinese. If you can help us arrange that, please contact us via the Contact page, and let’s talk!

  3. Paul Mantle

    Dear Gary,

    The accompanying blog page here is my very small offering toward the “Chinese Religions” page. Thanks for all you do!


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