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Baha’u’llah on the Bible

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01. Do Bahá’ís recognize the Bible as divinely inspired?
02. Do all Bible texts have spiritual meanings that we must seek to understand?
03. How can a Bible text be true in spiritual substance but not necessarily in literal detail?
04. Do Bahá’ís accept the divine authority of Jesus Christ?
05. Do Bahá’ís recognize Jesus Christ as both human and divine?
06. Is Christ’s living Spirit still with us today?
07. Did Jesus Christ refer to Himself as the Son of God?
08. How do Bahá’ís interpret the expression “Son of God”?
09. Do Bahá’ís accept the Virgin Birth of Jesus?
10. In what sense is Jesus Christ born (“begotten”) of God?
11. Does “only begotten” refer to Jesus Christ’s human nature or to His divine nature?
12. What is the divine Word through whom “all things were made”?
13. Is the Primal Word (Primal Will) identical with God?
14. How does the human Jesus embody the Primal Word?
15. How did the resurrection of Jesus Christ take place?
16. How do Bahá’ís interpret the disciples’ encounters with the risen Christ?
17. Do Bahá’ís believe Jesus sacrificed Himself for the sins of humanity?
18. How do Bahá’ís view Bible references to Christ as the only way?
19. Is Bahá’u’lláh saying Christ and other Manifestations are spiritually the same Person?
20. Is there a Promised One foretold in all the world religions?
21. Why do Bahá’ís believe that Bahá’u’lláh is a return of Christ?
22. What is the difference between the Bahá’í Faith and Christianity?

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