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New Baha’i

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01. Now that you are a Bahá’í…
02. Why did I find the Bahá’í Faith?
03. Prayer for a new Bahá’í.
04. Who are the Central Figures and what are the Institutions of the Bahá’í Faith?
05. What are some of the responsibilities of Local Spiritual Assemblies?
06. What is a Bahá’í Feast?
07. What is the focus of the Ayyám-i-Há celebration?
08. What do we celebrate at Ridván?
09. What is Naw-Rúz?
10. Why do Bahá’ís fast?
11. Can I donate to the Bahá’í Faith without becoming a member of the Bahá’í community?
12. Some laws and obligations.
13. Interpretation and legislation.
14. Authoritative vs. individual interpretation.
15. What are some conventions at which Bahá’ís vote?
16. What are some of the Bahá’í core activities?
17. Four Core Activities (study circles, devotionals, children’s classes, junior youth).
18. What do we do in a study circle?
19. Many of our Bahá’ís hold a devotional in their homes.
20. We love to teach all children and offer children’s classes in our neighborhoods.
21. Lots of fun teaching our Junior Youth right around our neighborhoods, too.
22. Some Bahá’ís hold periodic Firesides to talk about a variety of topics involving the Bahá’í Faith.
23. Time for consolidation.
24. Seven deepening themes recommended in “Arising to Serve”.
25. We need to take charge of our own learning…
26. Often we get together and study a book from the Bahá’í Writings; we call this a Deepening.
27. Deepen … at a pace proportionate to her interest and capacity.
28. Personal calendar for engaging in Institute Core Activities.
29. We are all standing by ready to serve.
30. Institute Course Services.
31. Study together how to teach the Cause.
32. How do the Bahá’ís spread their Faith?
33. Nurturing our new believers into new teachers.
34. Phases of each cycle within Intensive Programs of Growth.
35. My Personal Teaching Plan and Goals.
36. Seeker email information list.
37. Your Personal Campaign Tracker.
38. Anna’s Presentation (“Introduction to the Bahá’í Faith”): Concepts to convey.
39. Some expansion campaign teaching method options.
40. Reflection Gatherings.

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